Music by CandL

Meet The Critters!

We created the Critters because music is better with friends! The Critters will pop up here and there throughout lessons as well as in supplemental material.

Here is a quick introduction to a few of the Critters.

Larry and Beary meet Bella Bird

Drawing of a bear


Beary is lovable, curious, and open to learning. He sure loves music a lot! He's a good listener and he is patient with others who are still learning. His best friend is Larry, a tiny little guinea pig.

Drawing of a dinosaur


Phil is a virtuoso at any instrument he performs, though his number one instrument is the piano. Open to collaboration, he will happily jam with anyone, provided he isn't hungry. Don't worry though - Franky and Pop keep him well fed.

Drawing of a bird

Bella Bird

This almost-six year old bird just loves to sing! She is super friendly and is really happy to help anyone learn about their voices, echoing notes, and solfege. She never gives up and she helps everyone to remember it is ok to keep practicing!

Drawing of a guinea pig


Big things come in small packages. Larry is all attitude. He's not afraid to try anything, and he is open to adventure. His best friend Beary gently keeps him in line, of course, and he doesn't mind one bit.

Drawing of a beaver


Our happy go-lucky Canadian beaver Marty just loves to dance! He will join in on any tune, and will worry if anyone is upset. He will do his best to brighten the day with a few well placed dance moves and big smiles.

Drawing of a walrus


This introspective and creative-minded teen walrus is all about rhythm. If it's got a good beat and feel, count him in! He loves to clap along and will join in with anyone, any time. Sometimes totally by surprise! We're not sure how he's able to get around so well, being a walrus has its challenges on land - this will remain a mystery for now...

Drawing of a unicorn


Where would we be without a little Magic? This unicorn makes her appearances always out of the blue - especially when lots of critters are getting together. She has even been known to dance with dinosaurs. You just never know where Magic will take you.