Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My child is younger or older than the offered grades. Is Music by CandL the right choice for my child?

A: Yes! Children all have different levels of music understanding and experience. If a child is younger than grade 1, we believe that the curriculum will be engaging and fun, and potentially give them a leg up in their musical education. Some older children have not been taught music fundamentals and can benefit from our videos.

Q: When will you have content up for grades 3-6?

A: Soon! We are working hard to finish the rest of the curriculum. Our focus on quality and fun means that we want to get it right before we go live. Keep in mind that much of the grade 1-2 content is very helpful for children in higher grades, based on their individual levels of musical experience.

Q: Explain why lessons are released on a weekly basis.

A: Right now, new subscribers will receive the full grade 1-2 course once they sign up. The grade 3-4 curriculum will be released weekly very soon. The grade 5-6 lessons will be released within the first half of 2021.

Q: How does this course work?

A: First of all, the lessons are designed around a 37-week school curriculum, with a music specific class once a week. The associated worksheets and sound files complement the video material, and for your child to get the full CandL experience, we highly recommend using these fun and engaging resources. We invite you to take your time with them and enjoy them.

Q: Why haven't you released everything all at the same time?

A: We are still developing this platform and want to give everyone the best we have to offer. This means releasing content slowly at first to mitigate any hiccups we may encounter along the way. We want our new program participants to grow within the CandL experience and enjoy everything we have to offer. As classes are added, access will always be available as long as participants are subscribed.

Q: How many episodes are in a chapter?

A: Generally four to six episodes.

Q: How do I print the PDF's provided?

A: To print your PDF file, you must first download it to your computer. The link to do this is located right underneath the PDF image you see within the lesson. Once it is downloaded, you can open the file directly with any word-processing application (like Adobe Reader or Good Drive) and print from there.

Q: Some of the images or links aren't loading up properly on the website. Is there a way to fix this?

A: This is an issue that may arise if you are using certain versions of Safari as your browser. We recommend you use Chrome, Firefox or Brave for the best user experience. However, you can usually resolve this issue in Safari by clearing your cache history in the safari menu. For other browser support issues please see this link:

Troubleshooting Teachable Browser Issues

Q: I have a different question regarding Music By CandL.

A: You can email us at any time [email protected] with any questions, comments, or suggestions!